Weber Book Links/Utah Humanities Book Festival: Zoom Meet the Author: Jane Alvey Harris

This program was on Oct 6, 2020
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Books & Authors
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Jane Alvey Harris is the author of the young adult psychological fantasy thriller My Myth Trilogy.  Jane has a Humanities degree from Brigham Young University with emphases in Art History, Italian Language, and Studio Art.  The first book in the series Riven follows seventeen year-old Emily whose dad is in prison for securities fraud and whose mom is strung-out on pain meds, leaving Emily to parent herself and her younger brothers and sister. She’s got things mostly under control until a couple weeks before Dad’s release, when voices start whispering in her head and traumatic childhood memories resurface.  Emily slips into the elaborate fantasy world she built as a child.  With the help of the Fae, she frantically searches for the weapons she needs to defeat her greatest fears and escape back to reality before the man who tortured her can prey on her younger brothers and sister, too. Time is running out.  Zoom link:

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