The Arrow over the Door

The Arrow over the Door
Bruchac, Joseph; Watling, James (Artist)

A powerful novel of the Revolutionary War. To fourteen-year-old Samuel Russell, called "coward" for his peace-loving Quaker beliefs, the summer of 1777 is a time of fear. The British and the Patriots will soon meet in battle near his home in Saratoga, New York. The Quakers are in danger from roaming Indians and raiders -- yet to fight back is not the Friends' way.To Stands Straight, a young Abenaki Indian on a scouting mission for the British, all Americans are enemies, for they killed his mother and brother. But in a Quaker Meetinghouse he will come upon Americans unlike any he has ever seen. What will the encounter bring? Based on a real historical incident, this fast-paced and moving story is a powerful reminder that "the way of peace...can be walked by all human beings".


In the year 1777, a group of Quakers and a party of Indians have a memorable meeting.

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JF Bruchac
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