The House of Power

The House of Power
Carman, Patrick

From the creator of the Land of Elyon comes a riveting adventure set in an extraordinary satellite world, created as a refuge from a dying Earth, that begins to collapse and forever change the lives of its inhabitants. Edgar, a gifted climber, is a lonely boy scaling the perilous cliffs that separate the three realms of Atherton: a humble fig grove; a mysterious highland world of untold beauty and sinister secrets; and a vast wasteland where he must confront an unspeakable danger that could destroy the people of Atherton. When Edgar discovers a book which contains the history of Atherton's origins and ultimate apocalypse, his world, quite literally, begins to turn inside out.


When eleven-year-old Edgar finds a forbidden book, he realizes it must hold the key to understanding his strictly divided world.

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JF Carman
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