August Moon

Diana Thung

The townspeople of Calico believe in the legend of the Soul Fire -orbs of light dancing through the night sky, believed to be the souls of deadancestors watching over the town. But when eleven-year-old Fiona Gan comes totown with her dad, she learns the amazing truth: these "fireballs" are actuallythe light from lanterns carried by mysterious rabbit-like creatures as they leapacross rooftops! Leaping with them is the peculiar street boy Jaden, who rarelyspeaks and claims to come from the moon. But the games may be coming to an end,because Fi and her dad are not the only newcomers to Calico... when a creepycorporation starts bulldozing the nearby forests, she finds herself uncovering awhole world of secrets, and drawn into Jaden's battle for the soul of acommunity. Diana Thung's debut Top Shelf graphic novel is a true adventure, rooted inthe diverse local traditions of Asian festival culture, with a modernsensibility and a hint of magic.

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GN YP F Thung


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