Betsy and Joe

Betsy and Joe
Lovelace, Maud Hart; Neville, Vera (Illustrator)
Made for Each Other? Betsy Ray has always thought that she and the fascinating Joe Willard would make the perfect couple. Now, in her senior year at Deep Valley High School, it looks as though she'll get her wish. As soon as Joe returns from his summer job in North Dakota, he's on the Rays' porch with sweet words for Betsy. It's going to be a wonderful senior year! Then Tony Markham, Betsy's longtime chum, comes calling -- and his intentions are definitely romantic. Betsy is torn. She really cares for Joe, but she doesn't want to hurt Tony. Can she figure out a way to follow her heart without ruining her friendship?

Minnesota, 1909: Betsy is crazy about Joe--and Joe is crazy about Betsy--but Tony likes Betsy, too.

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JF Lovelace
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