Changes for Felicity: A Winter Story

Changes for Felicity: A Winter Story
Tripp, Valerie; Andreasen, Dan (Illustrator); Johnson, Roberta (Editor)

For Felicity, 1776 starts off with good news. Her beloved horse, Penny, is going to have a foal! Felicity has one worry: Jiggy Nye. He has been cruel to Penny in the past. Will he be cruel to her again? Soon Felicity has more worries. Her family believes in independence for the colonies. But the family of Elizabeth, Felicity's best friend, believes in loyalty to the king. Suddenly, Elizabeth's father is jailed for being a Loyalist. Will Felicity and Elizabeth's friendship survive the many changes that both girls face?


The outbreak of the Revolutionary War in 1775 brings drastic changes to Felicity's life in Williamsburg.

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JF Tripp
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