Chasing the Jaguar

Chasing the Jaguar
Greene, Michele Dominguez

Think you have issues? Try these on for size: Your parents are separated, and Dad's already taking vacations with his new girlfriend. You and Mom share a small apartment in a gang-ridden neighborhood. You go to school with a bunch of spoiled rich kids. You have recurring nightmares about a creepy jaguar. You're hearing strange voices and worry you may be going crazy. Your big quinceanera "surprise" is finding out you're a curandera, or witch. ... and as if that's not bad enough, your psychic powers land you smack in the middle of a kidnapping case involving an ancient Mayan statue . . . and it's up to you to solve the mystery. Meet Martika Galvez, the Latina Nancy Drew of the new millennium.


Martika begins to have strange visions and nightmares after the daughter of her mother's boss is kidnapped.

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YP F Greene
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