Christmas in Heaven

Christmas in Heaven
Williams, Carol Lynch

For Honey DeLoach, getting to Heaven should be easy,after all, she already lives there. In Heaven. Florida, that is--a fly-speck on the a map with population of 6. But Honey's grandfather is the Reverend Gaynor T. McKenna, a born-again preacher whose revivals attracts hundreds. According to the Reverend, the only route to Heaven lies in being saved, and Honey just can't let herself be called up, not in front of a crowd of folks.Then Miriam Season, a movie star, moves to town. She's rich, flashy and self-absorbed, with daughters named Easter and Christmas. Honey and Christmas become fast friends. But Easter is trouble, and soon no rules will keep Honey's brother away from her. A devastating accident, a mountain of soul searching, and an everlasting friendship change Honey forever. Honey learns from Christmas that life in the world outside her sheltered existence is sometimes a life without rules or protection. Salvation takes on a whole new meaning for her, as she realizes that the person who needs to be saved more than anyone is Christmas.


Honey learns about life outside her sheltered existence when a movie star and her two daughters come to town.

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JF Williams
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