Cinderella Smith

Cinderella Smith
Barden, Stephanie; Goode, Diane (Illustrator)

Cinderella Smith has aproblem with a capital P.She loses shoes almost asquickly as she puts themon her feet. But now shee(tm)s lost themost important shoe of all: her shiny,ruby red tap shoe. Without it shewone(tm)t have a chance of being chosenPumpkin Blossom Fairy for the falldance recitale"and that means no specialtutu, no crown, and no solo! The school year is starting out withbig problems too. Her new teacherlaughs at her name, shee(tm)s sitting atthe smart-boys table, and her old bestfriend is ignoring her. Now the newgirl, Erin, has asked for her adviceon wicked stepsisters. And Cinderelladoesne(tm)t have stepsisterse"wicked orotherwise! The recital is just around the cornerand the stepsisters are on their way.Can Cinderella and Erin solve the capitalP problems in time?

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JF Barden
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