Complete Idiot's Guide to PC Basics: Windows 7 Edition

Kraynak, Joe

The down and dirty basics for computer newbies. For those with a blank slate when it comes to computer know-how, this guide teaches readers how to get started on a PC, including: easy instructions on starting, setting up, and organizing the PC; navigating the Windows 7 desktop and folder system; getting up and running with email; working with music, photos, and video; plus an introduction to Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, eBay, blogging, instant messaging; and more! Focuses on software-and the practical and fun things new users want to do with their PCs. A large number of people-particularly the older generation-are new to computers. Includes troubleshooting tips. 416 Pages, Excellent Beginners Guide.


Guides beginning users through basic PC operations, with coverage of the fundamentals of software programs, graphics and media files, green computing initiatives, newsgroups, message boards, mailing lists, networking, and other key topics.

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004.16 K9194cp 2011


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