White, Robb


Because Ben will earn enough to pay next year's expenses for college, he guides a rich businessman, Madec, into the mountains to hunt for bighorn sheep. But Ben soon finds that Madec's wealth is matched only by his arrogance. He doesn't let anything, or anyone, keep him from getting what he wants. When Madec accidentally shoots an old prospector, mistaking him for an animal, he has no intention of reporting the death. Instead, he plans to eliminate the only witness-Ben. Now, miles from nowhere, Madec is carrying a .358 Magnum, and Ben is his prey. Naked and unarmed, the young man faces the greatest-and perhaps the last-challenge of his life. Author Robb White brings his love of the wilderness and adventure to this suspenseful tale. Each scene is packed with realistic details of survival skills at work. Winner of an Edgar Award, this book was chosen an Outstanding Book of the Year by The New York Times.



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