The Devil and Winnie Flynn

The Devil and Winnie Flynn
Ostow, Micol

17-year-old Winnie Flynn, a closet horror fan with a starkly realistic worldview, has never known her mum's sister, Maggie: a high-profile reality TV producer. But in the wake of her mother's suicide, Winnie is recruited by Maggie to spend a summer in New Jersey, working as a production assistant on her current hit. At first Winnie figures that she has nothing to lose; her father has checked out, and Maggie is the only family she has left. But things get increasingly weird on set as Winnie is drawn into a world of paranormal believers and non-believers alike.


Winnie discovers she has a paranormal psychic ability, which may provide clues to her mother's death.

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YP F/HS F Ostow
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