Don't Call Me Beanhead!

Don't Call Me Beanhead!
Wojciechowski, Susan; Natti, Susanna (Illustrator)

Meet Bernice Lorraine Sherwin-Hendricks, known as Beany by just about everyone except her older brother who calls her Beanhead. Beany's got 23 freckles, a bossy best friend, and a tendency to worry over just about everything. Like, for example, the time her loose tooth disappears down the drain. Will the tooth fairy still put money under her pillow--and how much? With an unfaltering touch for capturing the real concerns of a regular kid, Susan Wojciechowski presents five enormously entertaining stories about Beany's life at home and at school.


Worrywart Beany worries all the time about EVERYTHING.

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JF Wojciechowski
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