Escape By Night

Escape By Night
Myers, Laurie; Bates, Amy June (Illustrator)

Ten-year-old Tommy and his sister Annie are intrigued by the new soldiers arriving in their Georgia town. Since the Civil War started, wounded&nbspmen waiting&nbspto be treated at the local church-turned-hospital have been coming in by droves. When Tommy sees a soldier drop his notebook, he sends his dog, Samson, to fetch it. Tommy soon meets the soldier and is faced with the hardest&nbspdecision he's ever had to make: whether or not he should help a Yankee escape to freedom.&nbspFilled with intriguing suspense and tackling difficult questions about slavery, this story, told in accessible short chapters,&nbspwill appeal to history buffs as well as those who appreciate a faithful dog.


Tommy must search his conscience to decide whether he should help a Yankee soldier escape and return home.

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JF Myers
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