An Island Far from Home

An Island Far from Home
Donahue, John

Set against the vivid backdrop of the Civil War, this is a timeless tale of friends and enemies, anguish and adventure."Dear Private John Meadows: My name is Joshua Loring.... My pa got killed at Fredericksburg so I don't much like Rebs. I'm joining the army as soon as I can.... I just hope the war doesn't end before I get my chance". And so begins the life-changing relationship between Joshua, a twelve-year-old from Massachusetts, and his unlikely pen pal, a lonely fourteen-year-old Confederate soldier imprisoned on George's Island. Joshua sends the letter at his uncle's request, although he's sure there isn't a Reb in the world he'd like. The events that follow force Joshua to confront his deepest feelings about the enemy and lead to the greatest adventure of his life. 


Joshua comes to understand the meaning of war and the fine line between friends and enemies during the Civil War.

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JF Donahue
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