Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation

Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation
Myklusch, Matt
All Jack Blank knows is his bleak, dreary life at St. Barnaby's Home for the Hopeless, Abandoned, Forgotten, and Lost--an orphanage in the swampland of New Jersey. Covertly reading old comic books is Jack's only solace. But his life changes forever when he meets an emissary from a secret country called the Imagine Nation, an astonishing place where all the fantastic and unbelievable things in the world originate. Including Jack. Jack soon discovers that he has an amazing ability--one that could make him the savior of Imagine Nation and the world beyond...or the biggest threat they've ever faced.

Jack has a depressing life until he discovers the Imagine Nation, and learns that he carries a dangerous virus. 

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JF Myklusch
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