Milo's Hat Trick

Milo's Hat Trick
Agee, Jon

Milo the magician is a mess. Not only does he botch his card tricks and tangle his rope tricks, but he can't even manage the old standby: pulling a rabbit from a hat. Spurred on by his manager's fury, Milo heads out of the city to find himself a rabbit. Dangling a carrot over his top hat, our magnificent magician captures... a bear. Here is where his luck turns. As it happens, this particular bear is adept at jumping into hats: "You just pretend your bones are made of rubber," he says. "It's a secret I learned from a rabbit." Returning to the city, (after a brief mix-up on the subway) , the two quickly become a smash sensation. But after popping in and out of 762 hats, the bear is positively pooped. Can Milo carry on without his rubber-boned buddy? Jon Agee illustrates his eccentric story with strange yet wonderfulillustrations of blank-eyed, big-nosed, redheaded Milo in too-short trousers,and the cavalier, hat-hopping bear. Perfect comedic timing and a nutty plot ensure that readers of all ages will adore this tale of a misfit's triumph. (Ages 3 to 8) --Emilie Coulter


In the busy city, there are lots of people with hats. But there is only one guy with a bear in his hat. That's Milo. The Magician.

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JP Agee
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