Squirrel's World

Squirrel's World
Gorbachev, Valeri (Illustrator); Moser, Lisa

Hello, hello, hello! Meet frenetically helpful Squirrel and his patient animal friends in four funny, engaging stories for the early chapter-book crowd. Squirrel is a very, very, very good helper! He helps his tree grow, he helps the river flow, and he helps his three best friends, Mouse, Turtle, and Rabbit. He is such a good helper, in fact, that he helps his friends when they don't even know they need help! It is a lot of work being such a caring squirrel, but there is much to do before sleep, sleep, sleep time. Prepare to fall in love with the utterly endearing - and undeniably exhausting - Squirrel in this sweet and funny chapter book from author Lisa Moser and illustrator Valeri Gorbachev.


Squirrel can sometimes be a little too helpful, as readers will discover in these four funny stories.

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JF Moser
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