Andy Shane and the Queen of Egypt

Andy Shane and the Queen of Egypt
Carter, Abby (Illustrator); Jacobson, Jennifer Richard

Pushy Dolores really wants Andy to do a school project together -- but sometimes you need to take your time to make the right choice. The school Culture Fair is coming up, and Andy Shane has to pick an African country to learn about. Deciding isn't easy for Andy, so he's glad when Granny Webb gives him a scarab beetle, which he knows is a symbol of Egypt. But when Andy tries to tell Ms. Janice, Dolores Starbuckle springs up with her gold jewelry and glitter sandals and claims that she is the queen of Egypt. Dolores always gets her way -- but this time Andy doesn't feel like caving in. What will it take for him to share his project with the bossy queen? Fans of the endearing Andy Shane will be happy to see him holding his own in his new early-chapter-book adventure.

Andy Shane selects Egypt as the topic of his first-ever Culture Fair project, but the very bossy Dolores Starbuckle declares that she is the Queen of Egypt and does not give him a moment's peace until he agrees to let her work with him.
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JF Jacobson
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