Dinosaurs in Your Backyard

Dinosaurs in Your Backyard
Base, Graeme; Barnard, Alan; Brewster, Hugh

Did you know that the first dinosaur fossil ever found in the United States was discovered in New Jersey? Or that the Great Plains used to be swarming with swimming sea monsters? Readers can imagine what was in their own backyards seventy million years ago as they read this one-of-a-kind dino adventure.   Unlike other dinosaur books, bestselling nonfiction author Hugh Brewster's text focuses only on species found in North America. Complete with a timeline, a glossary, a bibliography, an index, and a list of museums and national parks, Dinosaurs in Your Backyard encourages young readers to imagine what their surroundings were like millions of years ago. F&P level: T

Discusses species of dinosaurs found on the continent of North America 70 million years ago.
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J567.9097 B8468d 2009
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