Circle Unbroken

Circle Unbroken
Raven, Margot Theis; Lewis, E. B. (Illustrator)

Keeping the African heritage alive As she teaches her granddaughter to sew a traditional sweetgrass basket, a grandmother weaves a story, going back generations to her old-timey grandfather's village in faraway Africa. There, as a boy, he learned to make baskets so tightly woven they could hold the rain. Even after being stolen away to a slave ship bound for America, he remembers what he learned and passes these memories on to his children - as they do theirs, so that . . . when your fingers talk just right that circle will go out and out again - past slavery and freedom, old ways and new, and your basket will hold the past . . . This powerful picture book, with its rhythmic text and evocative paintings, spirals through time, becoming a triumphant song - a rich story of a craft, a culture, and a people.

A grandmother tells the story of the Gullah people and their tradition of basketmaking in this beautiful picture book.
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JP Raven
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