All Hallows Eve: the Story of the Halloween Fairy

All Hallows Eve: the Story of the Halloween Fairy
Johnson, Lisa Sferlazza; Johnson, Tucker (Illustrator)

Ages 3 to 5 years. A pinch of modern fairy dust is sprinkled on Halloween traditions in this playful, ghoul- and goblin-free introduction to the holiday. Eve, a young fairy from the All Hallows pumpkin patch, loves candy but is unable to make it -- she can only create toys with her magic. Eve determinedly practices her spells, hoping she'll be able to magic up candy on her birthday, October 31st. During her dress-up birthday party, Eve's finest attempts yield only candy-shaped toys -- such as candy bar blocks, candy cane whistles, and squeaky toy cakes. As her frustration grows, her party guests save the day by visiting all the pumpkins in the patch and collecting candy to fulfill Eve's wish. Overjoyed by their kindness, Eve gratefully offers the toys she created to her friends. A tale of friendship, cooperation, and self-acceptance, this story also provides health-conscious families and those with specific dietary concerns an alternative way to enjoy the holiday activities.

A fairy tale describing the origins of Halloween celebrations.
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JP Johnson
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