A Message for General Washington

A Message for General Washington
Schurfranz, Vivian

This series presents exciting historical novels that show the diversity and strength of our American culture. Each volume concludes with a short "Historical Postscript" that tells more about the real people depicted in the story, provides valuable background information on the era described, and lists other books on the subject suitable for young readers. Each book is reviewed for accuracy by a historical expert. Seventeen eighty-one is a difficult time for patriots living under British rule in Yorktown, Virginia. When French naval ships arrive in Chesapeake Bay that summer, however, there is renewed hope that the Americans may finally defeat General Cornwallis and his troops. Young Hannah Winslow accepts the challenge of sneaking behind enemy lines in order to report the British army's position. Although she is ultimately successful, her journey is filled with dangerous obstacles she must overcome.

Hannah accepts the challenge of sneaking behind enemy lines to deliver a message to General Washington.
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JF Schurfranz
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