A School for Pompey Walker

A School for Pompey Walker
Rosen, Michael J.; Robinson, Aminah B. (Illustrator); Robinson, Brenda Lynn (Illustrator); Robinson, Aminah Brenda Lynn (Illustrator)

Pompey Walker dreams of going to school, but as a slave in the 1830s, this is only a dream, until slavery-hating Jeremiah Walker, son-in-law of the plantation owner, buys Pompey's freedom. Together, they devise and carry out a plan to get money to found a school for black children. Inspired by a newspaper account of an Ohio man's experiences, as well as the recollections of former slaves, this tale recounts an unforgettable and harrowing journey of the human spirit.

Pompey dreams of going to school, but he is a slave. How will he ever fulfill his dream?
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JF Rosen
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