Elisa in the Middle

Elisa in the Middle
Hurwitz, Johanna; Hoban, Lillian (Illustrator)

Elisa's not just Russell's little sister anymore. She has a new baby brother, Marshall. Even though he cries a lot, he is also fun to talk and sing to. And Elisa can't wait to teach him everything she's learning in kindergarten. Of course, she still wants to be as smart as her older brother, Russell. But Elisa's attempts to help him sometimes lead to disaster -- whether she's giving his fish a bubble bath or helping him "ketchup" on his homework! Then Elisa turns the tables on Russell, and in the end they become proud of each other in unexpected ways. Whether you are meeting the growing Michaels family for the first time or know Russell and Elisa from the other books about them, you'll enjoy these warm and funny episodes from the pen of popular and insightful author Johanna Hurwitz.

Five-year-old Elisa is the middle child, just like the filling in a sandwich--the best part!
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JF Hurwitz
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