Lemons Are Not Red

Lemons Are Not Red
Seeger, Laura Vaccaro (Author, Illustrator)

Lemons are not Red. Apples are red. Lemons are yellow. . . . Clever cutouts in the pages make a simple, original, and utterly beguiling introduction to color. Laura Vaccaro Seeger, whose The Hidden Alphabet dazzled critics and readers alike, introduces young children to color in this unique concept book with die cuts. The opening spread features a big, bright red lemon and the simple text, "Lemons are not RED." When the spread is turned an equally bright yellow lemon appears ("Lemons are YELLOW") across from a luscious red apple ("Apples are RED").And so it goes, from carrots that are not purple through reindeer that are not white, et al. The book ends with "The moon is not BLACK / The moon is SILVER / The night is BLACK / Good night! And the reader sees a tranquil night landscape and a house with the lights turned out.

Explores different colors by allowing readers to change an object or animal's color from unusual to common by turning the die-cut pages.
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J535.6 S4517L 2004
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