The Hound From the Pound

The Hound From the Pound
Swaim, Jessica; McElmurry, Jill (Illustrator)

After a hapless woman adopts a pack leader from the pound, his furry friends follow in dogged pursuit in this rhythmical romp. Lonely Miss Mary longs for a four-legged friend. But when she makes the mistake of choosing the untrained basset hound Blue, no sooner does he howl AH-ROOoooooo! than her house has gone to the dogs! Dalmatians and dachshunds, sheepdogs and setters, poodles and pups of all spots are ruling the roost. Can Sam the canine trainer teach this menagerie some pawsitive tricks? A charmingly illustrated, rollicking text offers a doggone good time and a perfectly happy ending.

When lonely Miss Mary Lynn MacIntosh brings Blue home from the pound, all of his friends soon follow.
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JP Swaim
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