Cool Daddy Rat

Cool Daddy Rat
Crow, Kristyn; Lester, Mike (Illustrator)

Every night, Cool Daddy Rat takes his bass case and goes out to play jazz and scat around the city. But one night he hears something strange: Peeky squeaky who dat? It's his son, Ace, hiding in the bass case! After a reassuring call to Mama, the pair go all over the city together, filling the streets with his sweet beat. And when Ace can't contain himself any longer, Cool Daddy Rat finds out he's not the only fantastic scatter in the family. This cool read-aloud, full of energy from the jazzy text and animated illustrations, will have kids snapping, tapping and scatting along.

When Daddy Rat heads off to work, his little boy comes along in this jazzy adventure.
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JP Crow
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