Death and the Arrow

Death and the Arrow
Priestley, Chris

The riveting first novel in the Tom Marlowe mystery trilogy, sure to keep readers spellbound.""As the sooty, coal-ridden smog blankets London in 1715, 15-year-old Tom Marlowe becomes embroiled in a deadly mystery when his best friend, pickpocket Will Piggot, is murdered by the same person who is killing others around the city and leaving his "Death and Arrow" calling card. As Tom and his friend Dr. Harker investigate, they find an odd connection between the local crimes and an alleged Indian ambush of a silver shipment traveling across the colonies. As they get closer to the killer, they almost become the next victims. The mystery has enough excitement and intrigue to keep even reluctant readers turning the pages. The historical background and intermingling of the untamed British colonies with more urban London is well done and easy to follow, and the writing is rich with descriptions of the sights and smells of the city." -- School Library Journal"

When his friend Will is murdered, Tom must track down his killer in this mystery, set in England in 1715.
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YP F Priestley
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