The Stream

The Stream
Clarke, Brian

Winner of the Authors' Club Best First Novel Award, as well as the first work of fiction ever to win Britain's premier literary environment award-the Natural World Book Prize-The Stream is a finely drawn portrait of a small cross-section of the environment experiencing the conflict between development and conservation. Apart from a few protesters, a plan to bring industry to a scenic but depressed rural area is widely welcomed. It promises new jobs and new hope for those who live there. A few miles away, in a small valley with a stream running through it, responsibility for a farm passes from father to son after years of wrangling between them about the way the land should be managed. Over time, both events impact the stream and, little by little, the small creatures that live in it and the birds and animals that are dependent on it, are sucked into a mute and unseen struggle for survival. Hailed as a second Silent Spring, from an author whose writing Ted Hughes praised as "dazzling," The Stream is a finely wrought novel about human ambition-and life and death in the wild.

This book tells the story of a stream and all the creatures who live in or near it, and how their world slowly changes when an industrial park moves nearby.
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F Clarke
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