A Tale of Two Gardens: Poems from India, 1952-1995

A Tale of Two Gardens: Poems from India, 1952-1995
Paz Lozano, Octavio; Weinberger, Eliot (Editor, Translator); Bishop, Elizabeth (Translator); Blackburn, Paul (Translator); Kemp, Lysander (Translator); Rukeyser, Muriel (Translator); Tomlinson, Charles (Translator)

Despite having written many acclaimed non-fiction books on the region, he has always considered those writings to be footnotes to the poems. From the long work "Mutra," written in 1952 and accompanied here by a new commentary by the author, to the celebrated poems of East Slope, and his recent adaptations from the classical Sanskrit, Paz scripts his India with a mixture of deft sensualism and hands-on politics.

Paz, one of the most well known Mexican poets, contrasts India with Mexico in several beautiful poems. (1990)
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F Paz
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