Ephraim Chronicles

Ephraim Chronicles
Nelson, Lee

In 1923, Frank Clark headed into the wilderness to trap Old Ephraim, the most notorious grizzly the Utah mountains had ever seen. Ephraim literally waded into herds of sheep and cattle, as his powerful paws broke legs and backs and slung entrails in every direction. Defying the herdsmen who invaded his historical domain, he overturned their steel traps, and dared them to come get him with an impunity unparalleled in the history of the American West. What Clark didn't know was that Ephraim had a friend in Danny Evans....This is the story of a bear and a boy, and the forces that rush them to the brink of tragedy as Danny discovers himself and the value of faith.The Ephraim Chronicles is Lee Nelson's 26th book--a novel of determination and spiritual growth, based on actual history. Some of the names have been changed. Some have not.

Frank Clark heads into the wilderness to trap Old Ephraim, the notorious grizzly of the Utah mountains.
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F/YP F Nelson
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