The Good Heart

The Good Heart
Pratt, James Michael

He expected peace, but it had not come. Would God require something from him for the secret he had kept for more than 40 years? One man dies, and another lives through the gift of a transplanted heart. As the recipient heals, memories he was never aware of come to him in dreams and in bright flashes of recognition that have no past. As the 'heart memories' become more vivid, Mike Stone begins to understand that the secret imbedded in his new heart can destroy the very person responsible for saving his life. After years of hard living, Mike has experienced a literal change of heart. Passionately in love for the first time in his life, he is desperate to survive and to redeem the recklessness of his youth. But as he follows the trail of memories encoded in the donated heart and wrestles with issues of integrity and forgiveness, someone else seems determined to make certain the secret is never revealed. Torn between his new-found values and a desire to protect his family from harm, Mike must decide if exposing the truth is worth the risk. Set in the fast-paced, power-hungry climate of Washington DC, this gripping new novel combines political intrigue with passion and danger while unravelling the mystery behind a brotherly pact that threatens all in its path.

Mike Stone, a ruthless Washington, D.C. political strategist, faces tough choices when he requires a transplant in order to survive.
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F Pratt
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