Afternoons with Emily

Afternoons with Emily
Macmurray, Rose

In mid-19th century Amherst gossip is rife about one of the town's citizens: Emily Dickinson, a budding poet and recluse. When young Miranda Chase moves to be with her family, she unexpectedly finds herself fast becoming Emily's dearest friend.Drawn to Emily's love of language, fiery intelligence and refusal to abide by the rules of proper society, Miranda, no intellectual slouch herself, soon becomes an acolyte of the magnetic poet. But when Miranda begins exploring her own yearnings - for love, for an education, even for a career - she learns that the cryptic and crafty writer does not always have good intentions in mind. To move forward with her own dreams, Miranda must escape the grip of the charisma that has inspired her - an act that will put all of her dearly-held convictions to the test.

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F MacMurray


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