What's the Word Writing Contest


It's All in the Details: Writing Contest Rules

Genres: (with an emphasis on all things fantasy)
Original Fiction
Nonfiction (research)

Contest Duration:
June 1 through July 31

Length of Submission:
Poetry: 1 poem, any length
Fiction /Nonfiction: 1 to 3 pages (double spaced)

Submission Guidelines

1. All contestants must be between the ages of 12 and 18.

2. Submissions must be typed and include the teen’s name, email, phone number, age/school year going into, genre of the entry, and which branch of the Library the teen uses the most.

3. Submissions can be made on the Weber County Library web site, or at all Weber County Library locations. All submissions are due each Friday before 6:00 p.m.

4. Any winning entries that are posted to Library media will only list the teen’s first name. Entries posted to the Weber County Library web site will remain available for viewing until the end of the summer.

5. Each week library staff will select a winning entry from one of the three categories. Teens with winning entries will be contacted the following Monday.

6. Teens are encouraged to enter the contest as many times as they like. However, a teen may only win once in a particular genre and may only win TWICE during the course of the contest.

7. Winners will be contacted the following Monday after the entries are judged. Winners will have two weeks from the day they were contacted to pick up their prize. If the prizes are not claimed in two weeks (or the teen has not contacted the Library to ask for an extension), the prizes will be returned to the North Branch location and put back into the prize pool.