Ready for a challenge?  Looking for something different? 

Then this collection was developed specifically for you.  Selected from titles featured on local or national radio programs, such as NPR, or noted news sources across the country, Mind Benders focus on topics of current public interest.  There is something for everyone to be found in this collection with titles on history, science, politics, popular culture, sociology, health, and personal psychology, as well as, thought-provoking fiction, illuminating biographies, and entertaining essays. 

Ask at your preferred library location where you can find Mind Benders on display.


Are you a big fan of thriller writers such as James Patterson or David Baldacci?  Or do you usually look for the latest historical fiction title by Jennifer Chiaverini?  Maybe you prefer the romances by Danielle Steel or the latest biography from a big Hollywood star? 

Regardless of what you enjoy reading, if your favorite author is usually featured on the bestseller lists, the New Now collection was created for your browsing pleasure.  Every month, as they are released, new fiction and nonfiction titles are added to the New Now shelves and made available to those who are visiting our library buildings.  You will find a good selection of every fiction genre, including your favorite bestselling mystery and literary fiction authors, plus top-selling nonfiction titles.

On your next visit, ask us where you can find the New Now collection.  That big new book you are looking for may have a large hold list, but you may find it with no waiting in this popular area