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By: Katie Cowley

If: An Extended Haiku


what would i say if

i could take a breath, stand back

from all the things that


trouble me, leave me

swimming in an ocean of 



drowning in a deep

deluge of doubt, stress, and pain

head sinking under


what would i do if 

i could take a step, and step

up, soaring away


through the clouds of hope

diving, swooping, spiraling

light as a feather 


my burdens lighter 

free as a lark, my chains cut

no longer held down


how would i act if

i saw you standing there, your

shoulders sagging from 


an invisible 

weight that no one else can see

no one else but me


maybe we can not

escape from all our troubles

as they vanish, poof


but together we

stand, bearing it together

together we rise