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By: Oakley Wagstaff

  I come

I come from love, by accident. 

Not planned but chosen to keep.

They tried to make a family of just us three.

But it truly wasn't meant to be.

I come from love, and some mixed up values.

Confusing for me living in two homes but only feeling at home in one.

Two sets of rules, two sets of parents, too many two’s.

The two loves I felt were my mother and grandmother.

I come from love, my warrior mom.

When storms of ugliness almost take me down, she is there to pull me out.

I feel her strength and mine too, I feel loved without doubt.

My battles are painful, but my victory is sweet.

I come from love, Once chosen but now I choose.

I choose to accept the love I am given.

I choose to fill my heart and the world with love.

I choose to love my life.

I come from love!