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By: Ember Belnap

I Fall In

By Ember Belnap

Settled on the couch I open you

Ready to be transported somewhere new

I let my eyes settle upon the printed words

Waiting to see what the next page holds


I fall in

A weight lifting 

My anxious thought always a swarm 

Now diminishing

Fleeting like rain after a storm


I fall in

So excited to be here and not home 

Here I am free to be whatever I want

Here I feel free to roam

No pressure pulling me taut 


I fall in 

I know the time is moving fast

Wishing I could stay forever 

But knowing it will not last

I feel the connection sever


I try to keep hold but my mind slips 

I get pulled into the cold 

but my hand still grips

Those precious pages


And there I sit

Wishing I could fall in again