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By: Abbi Nelson

Could you imagine if there were no libraries in the world? Today there are about 150,000 libraries in the United States. Benjamin Franklin started the very first lending library in 1731. Benjamin also invented the very first lightning rod. Libraries can be used for research, checking out books, and you can even attend reading classes and fun activities all provided by the library.

The library doesn't only have books, but also has computers, printers, and websites you can visit to check out audio books and digital books, enter fun contests, and can look at educational resources. Some of these online websites include Sora, Libby, Kanopy, and Hoopla. On these websites you can check out digital books such as audio books, magazines, graphic novels, and even chapter books. This is just a small portion of what the online library websites have to offer!

   When you visit a library, you will notice a lot of books. Well exciting news, you can check them out for three whole weeks! All you have to do is get your very own library card! There are all sorts of colors you can pick from! Once you get your library card you can check out whatever book you want! Just make sure you bring it back before the book is due. Fun fact, the longest sentence ever printed is 823 words!

Bored? Go check out some of the free library activities! These activities stretch from spring until winter. So you can have fun all year long. Did someone say free? Libraries offer activities for multiple ages that you can attend almost all the time. Start attending today!

So in conclusion, libraries can be used for research, websites, and you can also attend free activities. You can check out digital books as well as audio books. You can also visit online websites to enter contests and check out books. When you visit the library, ask an attendant to give you dates for some fun activities you and your siblings can attend almost anytime! So what are you waiting for? Go to your local library today!