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By: Anisha Sharma

The Light After the Darkness 

It engulfs you

You see nothing in view

It wraps your arms around you

There's nowhere to go

It rips you apart in two 

It corners you 

It traps you in your own mind  


You try to fight back 

But it drains you of your energy 

It searches through your memory 

All you can do is sit there 

You can’t move, it replays your worst memories 

You watch in despair 

It breaks what you tried so hard to repair 

It feels like a parasite 

That you know won’t leave 


It says “Let the games begin” baring its teeth 

You feel the world snap in half underneath 

You start to see spots 

But you stand up 

Through the darkness, someone runs to you 

They wrap their arms around you 

They give you a reassuring rub

You turn around and fall into them


They hold on to you 

Even while you cry in their arms 

They pull you closer into an embracing hug

You can hear their reassuring heartbeat under your ear

You feel your knees buckle with your exhaustion 

They pick you up and wrap you in a blanket 

They sit next to you and put on your favorite movie 


You slowly fall asleep in their arms 

Never finishing the movie 

But you know the world is yours 

You can feel the love 

As it flies around you like a dove 

You embrace the warmth and the feeling of being whole 

You see the light at the end of the tunnel 


And at the end of it is your love 

You sprint 

And hug them until you fall

You fall into the void of love 

It never ends and you don’t want it to


You just want to live

Live with someone standing right next to you 

No matter what happens they will stand there

You can feel your insides stir 

As they look at you 


They renew what your darkness broke 

They wrap their jacket around you like a cloak 

You walk into the snow with the moon above you both 

You walk home happy 

And your soul whole with the love 

The love that gives you butterflies in your stomach 

You can feel their heat 

It engulfs you 

Above, god smiles down at you

knowing that your names are written next to each other