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By: Ali Johnson

My name is Adam. I am an ant. I used to live in a kitchen sink. It may sound gross, but it is awesome. Plenty of food goes down there and obviously there's water there too. But I'm part of the ant army. We risk our lives to ensure the safety of our ants, and today, my ant army has been sent out to explore the other side of the sink. So here I am now. The human residents have been gone for about a day, so we do not have to worry about them. But just to stay safe, we travel along the edges of the walls. We discover that the human’s shelter is alot bigger than we thought. There is an upstairs and a downstairs. Our commander, Anteo, tells us to head downstairs first, and if we cannot find a good home, then we will head upstairs. We reach downstairs, and we split up and try to find good places to hide. I looked around and saw a bright room filled with bright colors, toys, and a colorful mat on the floor. I was still venturing when we were called back. They had found a suspicious hole in one of the walls in the corner of the basement.

“We need all defenses ready” The commander says. A pack of ants were carrying a flashlight. They put it to the hole to help us see, and then we went in. It was very, very dusty in the hole. And we saw thin strings running every which way from one wall to another. We were confused, and it took us a long time to put the pieces together. I heard something skidding across the ground. All of a sudden, a horrifying creature with eight legs sprang out of the darkness. With its spider legs, it striked two of our ants and killed them. The creature was freaking out, and making weird hissing noises. Some ants climbed on it's back and started biting it while it was lunging all over the place. I hid in the corner. The ants eventually bit deep enough that they reached the spider's brain and killed it. We waited for a little bit to make sure no other threat was around. That's when we realized, this wasn't just a conveniently placed hide-out, this was a shelter for spiders. That explains the spiderwebs everywhere. Another spider emerges from the darkness, but this one is different. No, this one is HUGE. It was 4 times bigger than the last one we dealt with, and it had a weird red mark on its back.

“Who goes there?” It said,

“Who are you?” Our commander said. Some of our ants tried to convince him to leave, but he refused. “Answer my question first, and I shall answer yours.”

“This is Ant army six. We have been sent here to claim new grounds for our citizens.” Commander says.

“My name is Queen Widow III. You are currently in Confederate Walls of Arachnopolis”

“The place is taken…” Commander says to us. “We have to find somewhere else.”

Queen Widow looks down and sees the deceased spider from earlier. 

“Is this… Scorpion?” She says. “You killed SCORPION!? He was our best soldier! The strongest one besides me!” We all wait in silence. “Because you killed Scorpion, I shall now kill all of you!” We hear a lot of light thudding in the background as we let the suspense drown us.

“ATTACK!” yells Queen Widow. A giant cloud of spiders jump from out of the darkness and ambush us. I immediately started heading for the exit where the flashlight was. Right as I was there, a spider jumped in front of me. It tries to intimidate me, so I feel and look around for anything to protect me. I see one of the spider webs and I quickly grab onto it with my antenna, and then grab it with my legs. The spider tries to attack, but I lift my body up in time for it to miss. I travel along the thin web and look at all of the chaos, and our men dying. I saw our commander fighting two spiders at once. At that moment, I snapped. I dropped from the web, and made my way to the Queen.

“Queen Widow III, stop this nonsense NOW!!” I yelled at her.

“Why should I? You all killed my best soldier, and-” She starts, but I interrupt her.

“He killed our men too!”
“Well of course he did, it was an act of self defense.”
“No, he attacked our men first!”

“Oh, you expect me to believe that?” She raises one of her legs to kill me.

“Queen, he speaks the truth” One spider said. He had large teeth. The widow looks at him, and back at me multiple times.

“HALT!” She screams. The spiders stop attacking, and so do the ants because of how loud her voice was. “It has come to my attention that you may have come in peace. Let me see your leader!” Commander steps out and walks to her. He is in very bad shape, with multiple cuts on his body. “I am willing to have a temporary compromise with you and your ant troops.”

“I’d like that alot, ma’am.” Commander says. The spiders retreat. The queen then made the commander make an oath that he wouldn’t attack the Confederate Walls of Arachnopolis. She showed us around the place a little, and it was certainly bigger than where we used to live, but it was also dirtier than where we used to live. They got their food by sending scavengers to look for crumbs on the floor and bring them back to the base. But they were in a crippling drought. We agreed to help them if we could have part of their territory. The queen didn't let us live in the CWA, but she did promise she wouldn't attack any of us and she would let ants stay for a short period of time. She was actually very nice when you got to know her. We said our farewells and went back to the sink to eat and heal. We would return, but instead of being enemies, we’d be friends.