Benefits of Library Use

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Meeting Rooms

The Library welcomes the use of its meeting rooms for socially useful and cultural activities and for discussion of current public questions. These meeting rooms are available on equitable terms to all groups in the community regardless of the beliefs, or affiliations of their members, provided that the meetings are open to the public.

Board Policies and Administrative Procedures

Library policies are set forth by the Library's Board of Trustees. The Weber County Library Board of Trustees is charged through County Ordinance with responsibility for public library services. Members of the Board of Trustees are responsible for planning, establishing policy, authorizing hiring of staff, preparing the budget, authorizing expenditures, and monitoring the overall operation of the Library System.

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Notary Public Services

The Weber County Library System offers free Notary Public Services for the benefit of our patrons. Here are some commonly asked questions that will help your notary process go smoothly.


Library Notaries are only available during the Library’s hours of operation on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Services for Seniors

Some social services, such as hot meal service for retired residents, are not available in rural settings where the population is not large enough to support construction of a senior citizen center. Where Library branches are established in such areas, hot lunches are served free of charge in community rooms, specially built and equipped for that service. The meals are provided through an interlocal agreement with County Aging Services. 

Technology Resources

The Weber County Library System provides a variety of Technology Resources that assist members of the community in their daily lives.  

Translation Services

The Weber County Library provides free translations of short documents and letters written in many non-English languages as time and expertise permits. It is considered unethical for employees to make contacts for translation services on the job and perform these services after hours for a fee.

Translation Services Policy