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Summer Reading Teen Art Contest

Teen Art Contest, Weber County Library

How It Works

Welcome to the Teen Art Drawing Contest! This is a fantastic opportunity for young artists to showcase their talent. The contest is open to all teenagers, and we are excited to see your creativity.  Submitted artwork will be displayed at the Main Library where the public can vote for their favorites and also provides a great platform for young artists to reach a larger audience with their work.



Contest Rules

  1. Participants must be between the ages of 12 and 18.
  2. Each participant can submit only one piece of artwork.
  3. The artwork must be an original creation by the participant; no tracing or AI-generated works will be allowed.
  4. Entries must be a minimum of 4x4 inches and a maximum of 12x18 inches. 
  5. No submissions will be accepted after July 31, 2024
  6. Submissions will be displayed at the Main Library starting August 5 until August 31. 
  7. Participants will be notified when they can pick up their submission at the end of summer. Submissions will be held for 2 months after participant is notified. 
  8. The decision of the judges is final and cannot be appealed.

Contest Categories

  1. 2D Art: This category includes artworks that are two-dimensional, such as drawings or paintings on a flat surface.
  2. 3D Art: This category encompasses artworks that have three dimensions and can be viewed from multiple angles. This can include sculptures, installations, or any form of art that has depth. Only a photo collage of piece will be accepted. 
  3. Handicraft: This category is for artworks that are handcrafted. This can include but is not limited to pottery, weaving, paper crafts, and more. Only a photo collage of piece will be accepted. 
  4. Digital Art: This category is for artworks that are created using digital technology. This can include digital paintings, digital illustrations, graphic design pieces, and more. Piece must be either a 2D format, or a photo collage of the work may be submitted. 

Enter the Teen Summer Art Drawing Contest!

Entries accepted after June 1st.